Conocer el vocabulario relacionado con internet e ir de compras. Aprender como usar los condicionales, así como los comparativos y superaltivos. Duración: 80 Horas.

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UD1. Vivo en una casita de campo (I live in a cottage). 1.1. She always jogs in the morning. 1.2. I´m buying a new house. 1.3. Do you understand me?. 1.4. My brother works in a crew. UD2. ¡Fue tan divertido! (It was so enjoyable!). 2.1. I passed my exams in june. 2.2. I was watching tv when. 2.3. Wearing glasses. 2.4. At harrods’s. UD3. ¡Será o no será! (Will it be or won´t it be!). 3.1. It’s never too late!. 3.2. Will it rain tomorrow?. 3.3. Emma will study hard at university. 3.4. I like english!. UD4. En el colegio (At school). 4.1. A day at school. 4.2. Choosing the subjects. 4.3. How many subjects do you have?. 4.4. How do i register?. UD5. Los medios de comunicación británicos (The british mass media). 5.1. Have you ever been to a tv programme?. 5.2. The world´s best tv programme!. 5.3. Meeting one another. 5.4. What magazine have you bought?. UD6. Aficiones (Hobbies). 6.1. It´s already done!. 6.2. For a long time!. 6.3. You can´t smoke here. 6.4. Things i like doing. UD7. En la agencia de viajes (At the travel agency). 7.1. Where have you been on holiday?. 7.2. Have they finished?. 7.3. Which one do you like?. 7.4. What´s london like?. UD8. ¡Nunca he hecho eso! (I had never done that!). 8.1. I hadn´t flown before. 8.2. The car had broken down. 8.3. So do i!. 8.4. A special family. UD9. No me encuentro bien (I don´t feel well). 9.1. Going to the doctor´s. 9.2. I hate hospitals. 9.3. My back aches. 9.4. The chemist´s. UD10. ¡Un fin de semana inolvidable! (An unforgettable weekend!). 10.1. Famous people. 10.2. Have you got a house?. 10.3. Faster, please!. 10.4. Somewhere to go. UD11. ¡Cambiando mi vida! (Changing my life!). 11.1. You can do it yourself!. 11.2. He used to love me!. 11.3. What are you looking for?. 11.4. The best and the worst. UD12. Vida salvaje (Wild life). 12.1. He´s about to come. 12.2. I enjoy looking after my pets. 12.3. As fast as a lion. 12.4. Living with animals. UD13. Me encanta mi trabajo (I love my job). 13.1. Lunch is served. 13.2. Hamlet was written by shakespeare. 13.3. A kind old man. 13.4. Work, work, work!. UD14. Amistad (Friendship). 14.1. Becoming rich. 14.2. I have a wonderful friend. 14.3. I gave her a present. 14.4. New technologies. UD15. Decisiones (Decisions). 15.1. My cousin and I. 15.2. To go or not to go. 15.3. I went but. 15.4. This isn´t enough. UD16. Cotilleando (Gossiping). 16.1. Do you know what?. 16.2. Mystery stories. 16.3. Urban legends. 16.4. Today´s news. UD17. Palabra correcta, palabra incorrecta (Right word, wrong word). 17.1. He said he was happy. 17.2. Who said that?. 17.3. He ordered me to open the window. 17.4. Surfing on the internet. UD18. ¡Qué problema! (What a problem!). 18.1. I´ll do it if i have time. 18.2. I wish you were here. 18.3. Unless you help me!. 18.4. What an interesting language!. UD19. Escocia (Scotland). 19.1. She loved me as a friend. 19.2. He came to see me. 19.3. Living on an island. 19.4. I love that accent!. UD20. ¡Palabras confusas! (Confusing words!). 20.1. Possible or impossible. 20.2. My boyfriend is a psychologist. 20.3. I hate washing-machines. 20.4. Are you constipated?.


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